Finding some old images from 2015...

Here in 2022; it sometimes feels as if time is standing still. And then one day; I come across images I took at a meditation retreat for caregivers at Garrison Institute, in the Hudson Valley of New York. I had gone with a friend. The place once was a monastery and it was intriguing to be on the grounds, feeling the continued peace all around. Sadly it some parts of the property had been abandoned or in need of upkeep. Inside was beautiful and perfect for finding one's center. Also, the food was amazing! This brief adventure was fulfilling for my spirit and I will remember it with fondness. After leaving the institute; we ventured down to New York City where I met up with a long time friend from college.

These images have brought back some good memories and sad ones; as I have lost contact with one of my friends. People's lives change and they part ways. However, there are always pieces which remain in our hearts.

Aside from this collection being about my retreat; I love these shots because at the time I took them I was collecting memories. So, here they are. Little snippets of a new experience in meditation and New York City. My favorited images are of the outside of the monastery. I tried to imagine what their life had been like. Of course my imagination gets away from me at times. I really loved the yellow and red colors in some areas of the buildings.

I hope you enjoy these images of glimpses, from my younger self.

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