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Updated: Dec 26, 2019

This past week I have had a couple new experiences with taking portraits which is somthing I have longed to do and finally found the courage. I am turning my passion of trees and their lovely, graceful, lines towards creating portraits which inspire. I want to find that spark in ones spirit....the moment that catches ones breath and speaks to your heart. Finding, the precious moments in life which wisk by and preserving them to admire long into the future. My most recent session was with a model from Syracuse. To work with a professional was exciting and yet, simply wonderful. She was unnerved when I asked her to stand a certain way or hold something. It turned out to be a cute and chic session with the Village of Cazenovia as our backdrop. Many of the images are in Black and White, which I chose specifically; becuase it provides a timeless quality to the images.

On a side note, I wish to comment on my way of envisioning life and my images. This day and age, photography seems to be about covering up "flaws" and making people "perfect". Because of my upbringing and old fashioned appreciations - according to the younger generation - I prefer to keep everything natural. Embracing the way we are; and only enhance physical aspects which help in creating our uniqueness on paper. Embrace your wrinkles, moles (beauty marks, as my Grandmother referred them), silvering hair., etc. Hope everyone enjoys this beautiful weather, here in Upstste New York!

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