Was Luce "crazy"?

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

First off, it has been a long time since I have posted here as I had been busy getting ready for my wedding at the end of August. It was the perfect day and my head is still alight with memories, love, and outspread support from everyone. So this brings me to my newest post.. images coming to life of Luce Dutton. As some of you may know, I am a bit obsessed with the legend of Luce Dutton of Madison County New York. She wandered Madison County for 30 years after being jilted at the alter by her Fiancé and sister. I learned about the legend back in 2016 when my boyfriend - now husband pointed out the marker that proudly stands by Gypsy Bay in Cazenovia, NY. I also named my business after Luce in order that some beauty and love were honored in her name. Since then my imagination has taken flight. These are some images from my latest shoot. Jessica who is local model was excited about this project and even chose a dress that looks as if it might have been worn around that time period. I wish to make a side note and say that I am doing this all on a low budget. My goal is not to have a glamorous photo shoot. I envision a feeling of realism. Rough and slightly raw. These are snippets of Luce glimpses in a dream. Her wanderings were solely for herself and it seems she might have felt as if she were dreaming. An account that I read said when Luce was dying "..she awoke as if from a dream.." I am hoping to capture many different emotions that I sense she possibly experienced. Even her avoiding men. It is said that she would jump over a fence in order to get away quickly.

Throughout our session, it amazing to see the emotional channeling of Luce which Jessica appeared to do. Our setting was an old cemetery in New Woodstock, New York. I am not sure if Luce actually was here; however, because Luce's family lived here, I thought it might have been possible.

We are already planning to do another Luce shoot in order to capture her garments and eccentricities as accurately as possible. I would love to take this opportunity and ask how you think she must have felt? A friend and I wonder whether she was just very sad and not "crazy". Back then, in the mid 1800's people viewed things differently than today. Woman were misunderstood, by men - even today. Anyway, was she depressed?, did something snap in her mind and she reverted to childlike behaviors?, did she just stop caring and preferred to be alone?, etc. I am interested in any theories.

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